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Placed in San Bovio, close to Peschiera Borromeo, the restaurant is a building of the 18th century who has kept typical characteristics of long time ago.

 AL MANEGGIO” you can find a warm and homely atmosphere, where everybody can taste the excellent and traditional Tuscan food: meat, fish, delicious game and wood stove cooked pizzas.

Thanks to many years of experience, the staff will be in a position to satisfy every single need and stun even the most refined taste.

The cooking is fine, healthy and natural, always made by fresh ingredients; besides seasonal food gives the possibility to change menù very often.

Our wine cellar offers a huge wine list, among which stand out the most famous “reds” of Tuscany and other national labels.

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 - Ristorante al Maneggio
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Our Menù

<h4><span>I Nostri Menù</span></h4> - Ristorante al Maneggio

Our Wine

<h4><span>I Nostri Vini</span></h4> - Ristorante al Maneggio

Our Pizza

<h4><span>Le Nostre Pizze</span></h4> - Ristorante al Maneggio

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<h4><span>Come Trovarci</span></h4> - Ristorante al Maneggio